Please save the date - September 19th, 2020 - for Shekinah's Virtual Move-A-Thon (formerly the Shekinah Bike-A-Thon)

Bike, paddle, hike, dance, garden, dance, skip, needlepoint, watch Netflix.* Decide on an activity, get pledges, do the activity at your own pace and socially distanced place, collect the pledges, send money to support the mission of Shekinah Retreat Centre.

If you'd like, we encourage you to send us a video of you doing your event! Not necessary, but we'd love to see what the Shekinah community was up to.

Send us an email at:, and we'll send you an upload link for your video. Your fame will spread to tens of people!

Simple, easy, and accessible for all.

Looking for more information? Download our Move-A-Thon package and start collecting pledges!

Download Your Information Packet Here!

*Just kidding. We know you're not going to dance.

Need to get inspired for the Move-A-Thon? Take a look at Jeff and Finn, getting ready in a physically-distanced way:

Link not working? Go to our YouTube channel:

This scandalous video involves rhythmic movement set to music. Not for the faint-of-heart:

Link not working? Go to our YouTube channel:

How physical do you need to get to "qualify" for the Move-A-Thon? Check out this huge game:

Link not working? Go to our YouTube channel:

Of course, it's only natural that - even though everyone, regardless of ability, is welcome to participate - that we'd get some high end, top athletes involved. Check out how this pro is gearing up for the Move-A-Thon:

Link not working? Go to our YouTube channel:

Need some ideas that involve getting family and friends involved in moving for Shekinah? Check out this family (and friend) moving on the trails:

Link not working? Go to our YouTube channel:

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