February Update

We have started a new monthly vlog - wait do those still exist? - with updates about what's happening at Shekinah!

Check-in at the end of each month for a new update. OR head over to our youtube channel and subscribe for instant notifications when we post a new video!


Not a Whole Lot Going On:

We are also looking for donations of "stuff": hammers, socket sets (yep, many sets would be great!), large adjustable (Crescent) wrenches, wrench sets of all kinds, chainsaws, cordless hand tools, hip waders for the upcoming annual flood, and a skid steer. Please contact us if you have tools to donate.

Just seeing if you're paying attention with the skid steer! Although we do need one, so contact us if you've got one collecting dust. We are willing to give you a fine tax credit for 2021 and may even pay a premium of tens of dollars!

We are concentrating on cabins! We had many, many requests to come out to Shekinah and rent our cabins. Unfortunately, Covid restrictions didn't allow us to rent them in their current state. If we can make them more self-contained, however, we may be able to host people in them again.

Here are some things our cabins need. All seven of our cabins need curtain material for curtains, as well as people willing to sew the curtains. If you wish to donate material or time, please either call or email Shekinah first, as we have some specific colour choices.

The cabins by the pond need some updating to be useful for renting, including some smaller fridges. Counter / kitchen space is limited, so we need something counter depth or so. Something big enough for a couple of days worth of food. Something about this size would be ideal:


*We are brand name agnostic, so any good quality fridge is great!

We are also looking for two good quality BBQs and outdoor chairs.

And, if you have the expertise / interest, we are looking to upgrade these cabins to having indoor, composting toilets. Contact us if you have experience or ideas on how to best accomplish this.

We are trying a number of new things for 2021. Stay tuned every month to see what's going on!

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